Austin Grandmaster Chess Academy

In-Person Scholastic USCF Rated Tournament 


February 24, 2024

10:00 AM - 2:30 PM 

7801 North Lamar Blvd, Suite A123 (Building A)

Austin, TX 78752

* USCF Membership Required *

Free Parking Provided 

Capacity: 52 players


All players will be divided into three sections: 

SECTION A: 1000 - 1400 USCF rated 

SECTION B: 600 - 1000 USCF rated

SECTION C: Under 600 USCF rated or unrated


**Note that no player will be allowed to play up or down** 



$50 by 11:59pm, February 23, 2024 

$60 cash on the day of the tournament if space is available.



Trophies for 1st Place, Medals for 2nd and 3rd



G/30, d5 (30 minutes per player with a 5-second delay)


4-Round Swiss System Schedule

1st round: 10:00 AM 

2nd round: 11:00 AM 

Lunch break: 12:00 PM 

3rd round: 12:30 PM

4th round: 1:30 PM

Closing ceremony: After the last game finishes.

NOTE: Half-point byes are acceptable for all rounds, limit 1. Must commit before the 1st round.

PLAYERS MAY NOT POSSESS CELL PHONES DURING THE TOURNAMENT.  Please leave your phone at home, in your car, or turned off (vibrate/silent not acceptable) on top of your table. 

Any violators may be subject to disqualification and forfeiture. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: If you do not wish to participate in our tournament after paying the entry fee, please email us at no later than 24 hours in advance for a $25 refund. We reserve the right to charge a $10 service fee for cancellations. NO refunds will be issued if we are notified of cancellation within 24 hours of the start of the event.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: If you would like to withdraw from the tournament after it begins, please alert the tournament director. NO refunds will be issued after the tournament begins. 

NO-SHOW POLICY: There are NO refunds or credit for players who do not show up for their scheduled tournament matches.


For additional questions, please contact us at

Section A: 1000-1400 USCF

# First Last USCF ID USCF Rating
1 Ryan Tang 31028881 1152
2 Anish Arun 31187934 1132
3 Shrihaan Satoskar 30855918 1017
4 Chaitanya Melnatami 31608836 1010
5 William Han 30655176 Unrated
6 Advaith Jijesh 30646434 Unrated
7 Norman Zhao 31183589 Unrated

Section B: 600-1000 USCF

# First Last USCF ID USCF Rating
1 Aarush Nayak 30962413 665
2 Shreyan Jeedigunta 31469701 629
3 Abhinav Karthy 31112845 Unrated
4 Sricharan Ramkumar 31031249 Unrated

Section C: Under 600 USCF

# First Last USCF ID USCF Rating
1 Reyansh Singavarapu 31340405 477
2 Abinaya Sathyanath 30562585 410
3 Advay Dixit 31601607 360
4 Pranav Kandi 31493287 265
5 Leanna Kabugu 31664189 Unrated
6 Rohan Prashanth 31370389 Unrated
7 Snigdha Doguparthi 31464643 Unrated
8 Oliver Xue 31728134 Unrated
9 Sanjith Srirambabu 30893501 Unrated