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  • Digital Membership Included
  • Full Access to the In-Person Academy
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  • Monthly Check-Ins
  • Tournament Preparation Support

Online Training is available to both our Digital and Grandmaster Members. The training sessions consist of an instructor introducing a topic (50 minutes), followed by students applying the learned material through Practice Games (20 minutes) and engaging in Puzzle Solving (20-50 minutes). While the lessons cover the same material as our In-Person sessions, they are shorter in duration and do not include Open Play, Monthly Check-Ins and Friday Trainings.

In-Person Training is available to our Grandmaster Members only. During the first hour, students actively participate in chess games against both their peers and our experienced instructors, providing ample opportunities for questions and interaction. This period is also well-suited for Private Monthly Check-Ins, which effectively monitor individual progress and provide valuable insights into areas of focus for the upcoming month. Following this, our instructors deliver a concise presentation on a specific topic (50 minutes), followed by students putting their newfound knowledge into practice through interactive game sessions (20-30 minutes) and comprehensive Puzzle Solving (40-50 minutes). We usually have 2 instructors present at the facility during each lesson, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

Open Play offers our students the valuable opportunity to practice their openings, exchange ideas with their peers, and showcase their thought process to our coaches.
Puzzle Solving plays a crucial role in chess training as it forms the fundamental cornerstone that binds all elements together. A robust tactical vision, cultivated through consistent puzzle solving, is essential for students to acquire proficiency and skill as chess players.

Student's Level - our curriculum is divided into 2 groups:

  • Intermediate - Classes H through F (400 - 999 USCF)
  • Advanced - Classes E through A (1000 - 1999 USCF)

USCF Table of categories:

Category Rating range
Senior Master 2400 and up
National Master 2200–2399
Expert 2000–2199
Class A 1800–1999
Class B 1600–1799
Class C 1400–1599
Class D 1200–1399
Class E 1000–1199
Class F 800–999
Class G 600–799
Class H 400–599
Class I 200–399
Class J 100–199


Memberships can be cancelled at any time, but there is no cashback or refund.