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Memberships can be cancelled at any time, but there is no cashback or refund.

Online Training is available to both our Digital and Grandmaster Members. The training sessions consist of an instructor introducing a topic, followed by students applying the learned material through practice games and engaging in puzzle solving. While the lessons cover the same material as our In-Person sessions, they are shorter in duration and do not include Open Play and Monthly Check-Ins.

In-Person Training is available to our Grandmaster Members only. During the lessons, our instructors deliver a lecture on a specific topic, followed by students putting their newfound knowledge into practice through interactive game sessions and puzzle solving contests. We have 2 instructors present at the facility during each lesson, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

Student's Level - our curriculum is divided into 4 groups:

  • Beginner: 300 - 699 USCF
  • Intermediate: 700 - 1099 USCF
  • Advanced: 1100 - 1499 USCF
  • Expert: 1500 - 2000 USCF



Advanced and Expert Topics for Q2 2024


Date Advanced Group Expert Group
Tuesday 06/25 Highlights of Q2 Highlights of Q2
Friday 06/28 Highlights of Q2 Highlights of Q2
Sunday 06/30 Calculation Calculation


Beginner and Intermediate Topics for Q2 2024


Date Beginner Intermediate
Monday  06/24 Highlights of Q2 Highlights of Q2
Thursday  06/27 Highlights of Q2 Highlights of Q2
Sunday  06/30 Calculation Caclulation


Central Time Zone is Used


Central Time Zone is Used