Austin Grandmaster Chess Academy

Monthly Quad Tournament


February 7, 14, 21 2024

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

7801 North Lamar Blvd, Suite A123 (Building A)

Austin, TX 78752

* USCF Membership Required *


Free Parking Provided 


Capacity: 48 players



All players will be divided into Quads: 

Players will be placed into groups of four based on rating starting from the highest rated. Quads are non-elimination, and each player will play everyone in their group for a total of three games. (Round Robin Pairings)

(Last group may have 4 or 6 players and will use swiss-system if 6 players are present)

**Note that no player will be allowed to play up or down** 



Early Bird: $50 by January 31, 2024 by 11:59pm 

$65 on or after February 1, 2024


$100 for first place in each quad.



G/60, +30 (60 minutes per player with a 30-second increment)


3-Round Round-Robin System Schedule

1st round: 6:00 PM February 7th  

2nd round: 6:00 PM February 14th

3rd round: 6:00 PM February 21st

Closing ceremony: After the last game finishes.

PLAYERS MAY NOT POSSESS CELL PHONES DURING THE TOURNAMENT.  Please leave your phone at home, in your car, or turned off (vibrate/silent not acceptable) on top of your table. 

Any violators may be subject to disqualification and forfeiture. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: If you do not wish to participate in our tournament after paying the entry fee, please email us at no later than 24 hours in advance. We reserve the right to charge a $15 service fee for cancellations. 

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: If you would like to withdraw from the tournament after it begins, please alert the tournament director. NO refunds will be issued after the tournament begins. 

NO-SHOW POLICY: There are NO refunds or credit for players who do not show up for their scheduled tournament matches.


For additional questions, please contact us at

# First Last USCF ID USCF Rating
1 Eric Kurtz 15377558 2193
2 Julian Joseph 16783177 1792
3 Krrish Kaul 16596843 1604
4 Tri Do 31589297 1582
5 Scott Richmond 12858050 1498
6 Eric Dumitru 17164035 1494
7 Omatharv Vaidya 31265746 1481
8 Kai Lan 30658202 1439
9 John Ramey 30387710 1401
10 Walker Grim 31692196 1353
11 Ravi Subramanian 14393123 1317
12 Oliver Werther 30759552 1201
13 Nicolas Topalian-Pomata 31420531 1159
14 Anish Arun 31187934 1132
15 Eric Zolidis 31316562 1118
16 Gregory Spradling 30943146 749