GM Alex Mista goes over how to play positions where you have a bishop pair. The topic is quite important as oftentimes, after your opponent made some opening mistakes (or fell into your amazing preparation), all you get is a bishop pair and a strong desire to win. Hopefully, after listening to the lecture, you will also have the ability to do so.

In this video, GM Vladimir Belous explains how to play against an isolated pawn. The pawn structure needs to be studied for both sides if one endevours to play it well. Therefore, it's recommended to watch the second video as well!

This is the second part of the series of videos on Isolated Pawn Structures. This time around, GM Vladimir Belous goes over how to play for the side with an isolated pawn. He covers plans related to f4-f5 and d4-d5 breaks, attack on the kingside, and usage of open files.

This lesson is quite important as sometimes even the best of us fall prey to thinking only about our own ideas while being absolutely ignorant of what it is that our opponent is trying to do, let alone how to stop it. The lesson will help you be more mindful of your opponent's intentions and help you figure out how to stop them while it is still not too late!

In this lesson, GM Alex Mista goes over several complicated puzzles and guides you towards victory!